Family Resources

Families who participate together in FIRST LEGO League discover the power of curiosity, creativity, and problem solving, building the foundation for life-long confidence in STEM learning.

Families play a critical role in children’s success in life.  In FIRST programs, families support their children by providing transportation, snacks, cheering at events, and more.  FIRST is looking to expand the ways families engage together in FIRST programs. 

FIRST LEGO League Discover:

As part of Discover Class Pack registration, every student is provided a Discover More set that includes two sets of Six Bricks.  Developed by The LEGO Foundation, the sets are a tool for children and their families to practice their memory, movement, creativity and more through short, fun, playful activities using just six LEGO DUPLO four by six bricks. 

Discover More Box

The Discover More sets are intended for students to take home to play the Discover More game together as a family.

FIRST LEGO League Discover More game – Instructions and Game Board 

Discover More Game

  • Slides for educators to present Discover to families (coming soon!

  • Let’s Play Discover More – video introduction to the Discover More game (coming soon!)

More Six Bricks activity resources: 

More Ideas for Additional Materials to use in your Discover More game: 

  • Cereal or other food boxes 

  • Other building toys 

  • Popsicle sticks 

  • Construction paper

Take your play to the next level by asking questions like: 

  • What part of that activity was hard? Easy? 

  • What would you do differently if we tried it again? 

  • Can we make up a story about what we just built? 

  • How could we work together to do it even better? 

Habits of Learning

Young kids working on FIRST LEGO League Discover