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Qualifying Tournaments and Championships

Official tournaments are orchestrated by our FIRST LEGO League Partners, who are sanctioned by FIRST to run a FIRST LEGO League region, a commitment which includes recruiting a Planning Committee and providing year round support. Some regions are large enough to have both a Championship tournament and Qualifying tournaments; some regions only have a Championship, but will add Qualifiers as they grow.

FIRST LEGO League regions are not defined by state/province/country. Many states, provinces, and countries have more than one region and some regions cross state/province/country lines, as with the Virginia/DC region in the US. Some Partners allow teams from outside their defined region to participate in their tournament(s); some can only accept resident teams due to venue size. Each Partner determines what makes the most sense for their region.

If a team exists in an area that is not yet defined by a FIRST LEGO League region, they can contact the Partner(s) nearest to them about participating in their tournament(s). To find events in your area, go to your country's website.

Most events are free and open to the public. Some local events are conducted, managed, and overseen by the identified organizer, not by or on behalf of FIRST.

World Festival

World Festival is a celebration of the FIRST LEGO League season. This celebration showcases one hundred and eight 1st Place Champion's Award-winning teams from around the World.  A lottery based process is used to select the Regions eligible to invite teams creating a beautiful mix of cultures and skill sets, a true celebration of FIRST LEGO League.

Visit the FIRST Championship site for event details.

2016 World Festival Invitation List - Regions

Volunteer for World Festival - Positions / Descriptions

Open Invitational Championships

FIRST LEGO League Partners can also choose to apply to run an officially-sanctioned Open Invitational Championship. Like World Festival, these tournaments are a celebration of the season. However, each FIRST LEGO League Partner chooses how to invite teams to these events.

Open Invitational Championships are by host INVITATION ONLY due to limited capacity.  Generally, invited regions will make this opportunity available to Champion’s Award winning teams from a Championship event.

Open European Championship
Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain    
May 4-7, 2016

Razorback Invitational
Fayetteville, Arkansas    
May 19-22, 2016

LEGOLAND® North American Open
Carlsbad, California    
May  20-22, 2016

Philippine Islands Invitational
Mactan Cebu, Philippines    
June 1-4, 2016

Asia Pacific Open
Sydney, Australia    
July 3-5, 2016