Food Factor Robot Game


pdf_iconRobot Game (includes Field Setup, Missions, and Rules)
*Remember, the Challenge has 3 parts - the Robot Game, the Project, and the Core Values. Make sure you visit the Challenge landing page to view all three parts.*

pdf_iconScoring Sheet - to practice table runs

pdf_iconRobot Game Updates
- The first place to go for answers to Robot Game questions if you’ve already read the above document.  Visit here often for answers to questions you never even thought of, because the postings here contain official information that will be in effect at tournaments.

Official Robot Game Video
(YouTube)- Robot Game designer and Engineer, Scott Evans, describes the Food Factor Robot Game. ALWAYS REFER TO THE WRITTEN MISSION/RULES FOR ANY QUESTIONS.
Download Video

Robot Design Rubrics - Used in judging at tournaments.

Field Mat Overhead View


pdf_iconComplete Challenge

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