Important Message Regarding FLL Team Registration - US/Canadian Teams

For U.S. and Canadian teams only

The 2014 FIRST® LEGO® League WORLD CLASSSM season is almost upon us. The planned opening day for 2014 team registration is May 5th

There are many changes this year regarding the team registration system and processes, thus reading the information below is very important.

The FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®) program is moving to the same registration system used by FIRST’s other programs (Jr.FLL/FTC/FRC) beginning May, 2014.   The system is called Team Information Management System (TIMS).  This change will help all FLL Teams to more easily progress through the FIRST programs. TIMS will also create a common platform where change management within FIRST is simplified and allows FIRST to better serve all teams regardless of the program.

As you have likely already read in a recent announcement from FIRST President Don Bossi, beginning May 2014, all FIRST teams will be required to register a minimum of two screened Lead Coaches/Lead Mentors who will be primarily responsible for managing the team and their day to day activities.  The screening is a criminal background and sex offender registry check.  Please review the Youth Protection documents carefully at the FIRST website and watch for announcements from the Youth Protection Department (YPD) regarding additional training opportunities.  You may contact the Youth Protection Department (YPD) with any questions or concerns via or Lee Doucette directly at 1-800-871-8326, Ext. 250.

Below are changes you will encounter in TIMS during FLL team registration for the 2014 FLL WORLD CLASS season.  The current FLL Team Registration and Event system (TRE) will be retired end of April.

  • Team Registration processes:  Go to this link on May 5th
    • You will be asked to login into TIMS with last year's TRE account username and password, or create a new account. There is a process to renew or change your password if necessary.
      • This will require a new profile to be filled out. The profile process may seem somewhat lengthy for FLL teams as we are starting anew in the TIMS system. However, once the user profile is completed for this 2014 season it will carry over to next year where only a verification of the existing data will be required.
      • The former TRE link will direct you to the TIMS system.
    • Team registration fees will be paid directly to FIRST. (this fee does not include event registration fees)
      • As in the past, event fees are paid directly to the event organizers. FIRST does not collect these fees.
      • FLL product purchasing (robot, field setup kits, additional parts) will occur as a separate process (see below)
    • Good News! Teams will pay the same FLL team registration fee as last year, $225.00 per team.  Again this payment is directly to FIRST.
      • This payment can be in the form of credit card, purchase order or checks.
      • As  applicable, Grants for FLL team registration will be processed in TIMS.
      • If FIRST must be set up as a vendor in your organization’s accounting system, we recommend you do this now to help facilitate payment of your team’s registration.
  • Team registration payment questions should be directed to:

Finance Group:                   603-666-3906 x563
Finance Fax:                       603-206-2079
200 Bedford Street, Manchester NH 03101

    • By popular demand, beginning this 2014 FLL season, FLL team numbers will be retained for the following year and then subsequent years, assuming no breaks in participation year to year. This means that all of your team information will carry over for subsequent years, no need to reenter it, rather it will only require verification of the data and lead coach contacts. 
    • For 2014 and ongoing, individuals registering the team must provide contact information for two Lead Coaches who will be working with the team.
        • The two Lead Coaches screening involves criminal background and sex offender registry check.
          • This is accomplished via a portal to the certified screening agency contracted by FIRST.
          • The results of the screening process can take 1-2 days business days. The rest of the registration process will not be held up. 
          • If a screening  report requires clarification the Coach will be notified and asked to contact FIRST to resolve any issues.
          • Ordering of product is contingent upon the screening of the coaches and FLL team registration being paid.
    • MORE Good News!  Screened Lead Coaches will invite the parents of their team members to register their children. This process will help eliminate manual processes and paper forms, strengthen the parent relationship to the team and Lead Coaches, and make it easier for the coach to manage the team roster and maintain required documents for competition events.  More information on this process will be provided in a separate email.
    • In addition, all of the team registration materials shipped to teams in a small mailer packet in previous years will now be accessed electronically beginning this 2014 FLL WORLD CLASS season. A link to these resources will be provided on the TIMS landing page. The coaches pins that were normally in this team registration packet will be mailed to all coaches of all paid teams via a Volunteer mailing in the fall season.

  • U.S. Product Purchase:*  All product ordering questions should be directed to LEGO Education, 1-800-362-4308 or
    • Even More Good News! All U.S. pricing of products for the 2014 FLL season will remain as last season. This includes the FLL Field Setup Kit, $75.00, and all pricing for LEGO® EV3\NXT robots and accessories.
    • When team registration payment is received at FIRST and the two screened coaches are listed for the team, the purchaser of the team will be provided a direct link in TIMS to the LEGO Education North American website to purchase any desired FLL product for the season. LEGO Education of North America has been the product distributor of FLL products since the program began in 1998.
    • The purchaser will pay LEGO Education North America for these products plus applicable taxes shipping and handling as in the past.
      • Payment can be made by credit card, purchase order or check.  (fax your signed PO to: 888-534-6784)
      • Product will be shipped after an acceptable form of payment has been received and processed by LEGO Education North America.
      • Tax exemption certificates\forms will need to be provided to LEGO Education, faxed to 888-534-6784, emailed to or mailed to postal address below.
      • All product ordering questions should be directed to LEGO Education, 1-800-362-4308 or
      • All U.S. product payments should be sent to:

LEGO Education
13569 Collections Center Drive Chicago, IL 60693

All postal mail should be sent to:

LEGO Education
PO BOX 1707
Pittsburg KS 66762-1707   

* Canadian Product Purchase – Canada FLL teams -Look for further updates coming soon regarding your product ordering processes and contacts