Challenge Advisory Team

FLL Challenges begin being developed two years prior to when they are released. The entire global community helps FLL brainstorm potential topics -- including teams, FIRST LEGO League Partners, and staff from FIRST and the LEGO Group. Everyone is welcome to suggest a real-world scientific topic for FLL teams to tackle by emailing

With the topic chosen, FLL begins recruiting a Challenge Advisory Team (CAT) comprised of topic experts in the chosen field and representatives of the FLL community to participate in an intensive workshop at FIRST HQ in Manchester, NH USA. During this workshop, the CAT draws upon their areas of expertise to brainstorm potential ideas of the Project and Robot Game. Over the following months, FLL works to finalize these elements, including selecting the specific theme for the Challenge, the Challenge name, and developing the "look and feel" for the season.


Food-borne illness causes $152 billion of losses in the US and over 2 million deaths around the world per year.  We live in a global economy, and our food comes from all over the world, so the food safety rules of all countries really matter.  The more kids know about where their food comes from and how it gets to their plate, the more equipped they will be to make good choices and implement safer policies in the future.
- Morgan Hennessey, Former Assistant Director, National Center for Food Safety and Defense - University of Minnesota
The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension delivers food safety education programs that span the entire food system - from farm to table.  FLL kids will be ahead of the curve because they are learning about the complexity of the food system.  Understanding the segments of the food system and how each are interconnected will enable FLL kids to find the critical points in the system where food contamination can be prevented.  The goal is to prevent foodborne illness.    
- Dr. Catherine Violette, Professor and Specialist, Food and Nutrition – University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
Food mislabeling and recalls are on the rise.  Keeping contaminants out of our food and detecting them when they do get in is not always easy.  Most kids have no idea where there food comes from or what happens before it hits their plate.  Kids need to be aware of what is going on with their food, and maybe they can help to find the next idea that will keep our food supply safe.
- Suzanne Tortorelli, Group Manager, Microbiology - Campbell Soup Company

Why do our Challenge Advisory Team members think food safety is important to FLL teams?

What do they hope teams will get out of the Challenge?